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Lee Adams

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Lee Adams Garden and Interior Design
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Lee Adams has been extremely fortunate to have been able to transform a passion for plants, gardening and design into a very successful interior and garden design business working with clients on residential and commercial projects throughout Victoria for over 15 years.

Being based in Bendigo with its extreme weather conditions, she has learnt to create beautiful, seasonally changing spaces for clients that stand the test of time.  Lee’s designs reflect her understanding of client’s needs and are tailored to suit budget and lifestyle requirements without imposing endless hours of maintenance or the need for high water use.

With busy lifestyles, Lee is conscious of the effect gardens and living spaces have on our wellbeing and she believes there should be a smooth transition from living spaces to our natural surroundings.  Her site specific gardens are designed to respond to and complement architectural elements, significantly adding value to properties.

Clients are often surprised when presented with their hand drawn design and comments are often received about how their gardens have evolved over time, with them.  Many clients start with very little knowledge of plants or gardening but have been known to marvel at their new found skills.

Lee’s own suburban garden with its simple planting scheme and modest scale has previously been opened with the former Open Gardens Australia.  The garden is an example of what can be achieved with a small budget and lots of imagination on a suburban block.

Lee’s garden and that of her client’s Phil and Louise Maud recently featured in a video produced by the City of Greater Bendigo for sustainable gardening.

Sculptures by Lee and Barry McLoughlan (Wired for Living) are featured throughout her garden and in a recently renovated gallery space.

The sculptures came about after being frustrated at not being able to find exactly the pieces she pictured for gardens.  Using recycled materials, mainly fencing wire, Lee and Barry create beautiful, organic sculptures, water features, lighting and furniture.