Lee Adams, Spring Gully (Bendigo)

258 Carpenter St. Spring Gully, Bendigo (2018)

Open Date
10 & 11 November 2018
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2018

Working closely with the Owners from the initial concept of their contemporary, sustainably designed home, it was important for the garden to visually and spatially link with internal living spaces, to complement architectural features and to provide shade and privacy.

With an emphasis on low maintenance requirements, minimal water usage, growing produce and the ability to create a haven for native birds and animals, my aim was to create a cohesive design that was both beautiful and functional.

Every centimetre of the relatively small space has been utilised to create an outdoor oasis with interesting pockets for grandchildren to play and explore, “quiet” spaces, a plunge pool and a generous entertaining area.

Visible from the home’s front entry and home offices, sculptural metal grasses spill water into a shallow bowl surrounded by low growing plants outside a large fixed window.  The water feature, a favourite of local birds, is up lit for interest at night.

Organic pool fencing, an informal plant palette of contrasting form and foliage plants and random stone paving that continues through to the pool visually blur boundaries and extend the space.

At the front of the property, rocks excavated from the site have been used as informal retaining walls and steps.  Layered planting of hardy, drought tolerant plants have survived our harsh climate and ground covering plants have quickly “softened” hard surfaces giving great street appeal.