Youth Suicide Awareness will be a focus for Garden DesignFest 2022

As the proud organisers of this event the Rotary Clubs of Kew, Brighton North and Central Melbourne aim to firstly, raise much needed funds for selected Charities; and secondly, to encourage creative, bold, innovative, versatile, practical and responsible gardening in our Australian gardens.

The Patron of this festival is John Patrick, the well known media identity. Mr Patrick confirmed that 100% of the net proceeds go to the Charities selected by Rotary.

So far, Rotary has, through Garden DesignFest, raised more than $600,000 for Charity.






Youth Suicide Awareness

The Youth Suicide Awareness (YSA) will be a beneficiary of the 2022 Garden DesignFest.

Suicide is the last taboo, as difficult now as ever to talk about. We can only reflect on the why’s and what if’s when looking at a young life lost, so many families affected and of course the cost to our community.

This tragedy is likely to occur around 400 times this year and is the biggest single cause of death in young people.

You can help in a small but significant way by supporting our scholarship program. Rotary scholarships are available to study adolescent health and wellbeing at the University of Melbourne. Several course options are available including one-year certificate courses, two year graduate diplomas or further studies towards a master’s degree.

In fact Rotary Clubs around the state have provided more than 130 such scholarships to professionals who are working with young people.

They learn about:

  • Developmental changes in adolescence
  • The role of culture, family, school and peers
  • The use of resiliency and youth developmental frameworks
  • Sexual health, mental health, drug issues and high risk behaviour
  • How different sectors and professions can work together
  • How to use evidence for the things you do.

The course is offered part-time, by distant education with supportive subject co-ordinators to help every step along the journey.

And candidates don’t need a degree qualification to qualify for entry.

It is so important to provide access to formal study to enable professionals who are at the coal face to sharpen their skills to meet the increasingly complex needs of the young people in their communities.