Lee Adams, Junortoun

10 Popes Road, Junortoun (2016)

Open Date
19 & 20 November 2016
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2016

Philip and Louise Maud’s recently established garden in Junortoun, is a great example of a mostly native, dry climate garden requiring little artificial watering.

Wastewater from a treatment plant maintains native plants in a series of mulched beds beside natural stone and granitic sand pathways that slow rainwater runoff allowing it to remain on site and soak into the garden.

Ornamental Pear trees were included in the design to provide much needed shade to the front of the property with Oak, Maple, Chinese Elm and Nyssa providing autumn colour at the rear.

Natives include Grevillea, Banksia, Leptospermum, Acacia, Callistemon, Hakea, Westringia, a copse of newly planted Spotted Gum, Eucalyptus Silver Princess and the gorgeous grey foliaged Eucalyptus Victrix.

200 year old Grey Box are standout features of the garden as are strategically placed bridge timbers recycled from the Axedale bridge.

Large sandstone rocks and natural stone pavers edge generous pathways around the house, the hard landscaping having been done by Philip. The two have lovingly created a haven around their home in a very harsh climate, where temperatures can soar to 45° and plummet to -4°.  Their knowledge of plants is ever evolving.

A small area of native Nara lawn dies down in winter and comes to life in spring to provide a cool green surface in summer beside the outdoor entertaining area.

Philip’s fully enclosed orchard and vegetable patch houses chooks in winter.  In summer they’re sectioned off to save the produce for humans.