Ben Saunders, Eaglemont

2024: 47 Devon St Eaglemont

Open Date
16 & 17 Nov. 2024
Garden Entry

Open 10:00 to 5:00


In the leafy suburb of Eaglemont just 20 minutes from the CDB, this predominantly native garden is a space for a young family to foster engagement with the natural world in everyday life.

Walking up the driveway we can feel the textures of the Tussock and Wallaby grasses, hear and smell the Lemon Scented Gums in the wind or watch local birds play in the water feature through the kitchen windows.

The well set back home was previously surrounded by an Ellis Stones designed garden, master landscape Australian Landscape Architect from the area.  We wanted to design a garden that spoke to this history, respecting and retaining Stone’s design principles.  By reusing slate from the original driveway, and existing basalt found below the soil, and adding a rich list of indigenous plants, we were able to create a new, engaging space and joyful garden for a beautiful and active family.