Ben Saunders

Ben Saunders

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Ben Saunders Landscapes
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The Ben Saunders Landscapes team is a group of landscape design and construction specialists who are passionate about natural environments and creating native gardens that can help facilitate a connection to Australian landscapes for our clients, visitors and passersby.

Ben’s design approach aims to create balance and harmony with surrounding built environments, while encouraging sensory connection to nature and usability based on clients’ lifestyles.  His gardens are inspired by the wild landscapes and indigenous plants of the region, and his strong design elements are informed by modern and postmodern landscape designers and architects, including local designers such as Fiona Brockoff and Sam Cox.

Ben grew up in North-East Melbourne suburbs in a family that encouraged curiosity about art, botany and the natural world, and he brings this world view to his designs and garden constructions.  He started his professional life as a graphic designer, then took this design experience and education on a career change that would connect him more with Australian landscapes.  In 2012 Ben completed his Landscape Design studies at The University of Melbourne Burnley Campus, and has been designing and building gardens passionately ever since.

The Ben Saunders Landscapes team designs and builds gardens across Melbourne. We specialise in native garden design and construction, with an emphasis on creating sustainable and enduring spaces that evolve over time.