Perry Lethlean, Ballarat

227 Wendouree Pde. Lake Wendouree, Ballarat (2018}

Open Date
November 2018
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2018

The Lake Wendouree residence builds upon Ballarat’s rich gardening tradition and its specific loci. The house comprises of a series of pavilions placed within a variety of distinct landscape settings.

Front garden

The front garden expresses the ethos of its owners by being devoid of barriers and fences, creating an open dialogue with the street and local community. The manipulated topography envelopes the front pavilion, with the architectural language of the landscape and house tightly fused in a sculpted display.

Playing on picturesque traditions of the region, the shifting planes of the front lawn transition into tightly clipped azalea beds set down to provide a continuous topographic plane, framed by hedges. In Spring the azaleas distinguish themselves from the green plane creating a dramatic red carpet. The colour palette of the front planting is restrained and complementary to the autumnal colours found in the prominent streetscape.

Rear of house

At the rear of the house the transition between indoor and outdoor is made via a glass-louvered pavilion. An indoor garden reminiscent of the Victorian conservatory is filled with orchids and begonias that continue the local gardening traditions of Ballarat.