Steve Taylor, Mont Albert Rd. Canterbury

171 Mont Albert Rd. Canterbury (2016)

Open Date
17-18 Nov. 2018
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2018

The brief was to transform a cluttered, underused and tired courtyard into a relaxed outdoor lounge.  We have created a classic contemporary, highly functional courtyard that is a permanent invitation to our clients to use a space that was once never used.

The old single door to the north of the courtyard was turned into a large picture window whilst the opposing sitting room floor to ceiling window was replaced with a window that sat 1000m off the ground to help with internal furniture arrangement. We opened up the two passage way windows and, with some major engineering to hold up the second story level, we added in the frameless bifold doors which create the seamless flow from inside to out.

Antique doors were then used as the central focal point of the space and were placed in a raised planter of buxus spheres and hellebores. Old recycled iron bark beams were sourced and installed as the door frames. Scale and proportion were critical here so the beams were deliberately chosen to be chunky. Lighting helps to bring these features to life at night.

Flanking the raised planters are two luma cloud trees which frame the central feature perfectly. Low hedges of gardenia Aimee Yoshiba flank the sides and sit nicely behind the outdoor lounge. The narrow walkway now hosts beautiful arbors that create a private passage way. Star jasmine trained on a wire then fills the fence with sculptural greenery. Repeated hellebores fill the narrow planter with colour.

Hanging dappled pendants light the sideway creating beautiful lighting to the floor and walls. The roof structure is supported by a large repeated steel beam infilled with timber which makes the roof feel like it is floating. The beam protrudes from the ground on the north side and then it sits on top of the laneway arbor which connects the two spaces in a unique and interesting way.

The louvre roof itself is fully automated and allows light to flood the dark courtyard whilst giving the option of rain cover when needed.