Sharon Harris, Thornbury

3 Jones St. Thornbury (2018)

Open Date
17-18 Nov. 2018
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2018

Sharon Harris’s garden is first and foremost a plant lovers garden.  From succulents and cacti on the ‘Old Shed’ roof, to air plants hanging in the Kaffir Lime, to old fashioned perennials throughout the garden, it is a garden of plant exploration, and a testament to Sharon’s job as a garden designer.

Sharon and Craig are only the second owners of the house.  The original owners, Italian migrants, laid out an extensive vegetable garden in the early 1950s, around a central path which remains.

Big back garden

The big back garden, as well as the old wood fired cooking stove in the kitchen, was what first attracted Sharon to the house.  While the old wood stove is no longer, wood fire cooking is an essential part of daily life at Jones Street, with a wood fired Pizza Oven, Argentinian Style Barbeque and a Tandoori Oven situated around the back deck.

Chooks, bees, herbs, berries, a vegetable garden, a Glasshouse, as well as a new Mushroom Cultivation House are the basis of this productive garden. The garden is a cohesive but eclectic mix of different planting styles that through careful thought ‘work’, providing a sanctuary for Sharon and Craig, their children and their pets.