Ross Goodman, Alphington

4/6 Yarralea St. Alphington (2018)

Open Date
17-18 Nov. 2018
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2018

Modern Japanese Tea House

This is a freshly completed project with plants that are young and are in early stages of their life.  The colours of the trees and ground covers will only enhance in time with the back drop of the grey painted fence. The timber construction will also look better as it ages particularly the organic slats on the shade structure, which was constructed from Black Butt Timber.

The Modern Japanese Tea House was created with timber decking seats, planter boxes and a modern shade structure with elements of ‘Zen’ in the Japanese Culture

The garden has a sense of tranquility, privacy and calm. The tranquility is created from the shade of the Eucalyptus tree and from the modern shade structure that is painted a black colour with Black butt timber slats, timber is commonly used in Japanese style gardens.  The privacy screen conceals rain water tank which harvests rainwater from the roof and re used in the house for sustainability. The calmness of the garden is created with the plants located under the dappled light of the shade structure in the in built planter boxes located behind the seats.The living room sliding doors open into this private place that can be entertained in and used for a place of relaxation, even to read a book

The garden which is seen from the large kitchen windows looks into the balance of seasonal colours of the maple trees Acer Palmatum Senkaki  Coral Bark Maple,  with the moss like ground covers Scleranthus biflorus, with ajuga repans planted in between the meandering castlemaine pavers with a Loropetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’ against the warm colours of the rear of the decking. The in built planter box has white flowering Camelias. The zoisya is also planted as a ground cover which is commonly used in modern Japanese Style Gardens and landscapes.

The Japanese lantern is located on a rock with a candle for enhanced softening of the light for outside entertaining, The seats are a well proportioned size to sit and read a book in the soft daylight of the dappled light.

When the double sliding doors from the living room is open this becomes the perfect extension of the house and the perfect low maintenance outdoor room. This is the perfect garden for the modern living and working couple who need a place to relax after along day at work with very little to attend to other than appreciating the seasonal colour produced by the foliage of the plants.

The garden when viewed from the second story of the town house gives a balance of proportion and harmony. The complimentary colour pallet which will only look better as the plants and trees mature all encased by the zen design of the timber structure. As the stone path ages with moss and foliage up against it, will make garden even more serene.