Richard Bellemo, Hawthorn

4 Glan Avon Rd, Hawthorn (2016)

Open Date
12-13 Nov. 2016
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2016

The Hawthorn garden is set on the banks of the Yarra River and the river sets the scene for this indigenous/native garden. The main section of the garden sits high above the river and is as much a functional space as it is a passive, relaxing garden.

The lawn areas are designed to take water from the block into the ponds/wetlands that receive all the property’s storm water; as well as the neighbours.  The lawns also provide terraces and paths through the garden.

A series of ponds and cascades give a connection to the river below and filter the storm water before if all eventually runs into the bay.  An abundance of wetland plants take up nutrients; cleaning the water and providing a habitat fot the many frogs, insects, invertebrates and birds.  Garden terraces leading to the house help soften its appearance and serve as access to the house and natural swales into the wetlands.

A circular deck constructed from saved timbers provides a relaxing, ‘camp’ feel overlooking the river and a central fire pit completes the scene.  From the deck leads a pathway constructed from corten and rock down to the waters edge.  The path traverses the steep river bank which has been revegetated with indigenous plants.

This is a special space, with a tapestry of colours; through an intricate planting and material pallet designed to enhance the surrounding environment and evoke a relaxed, laid back manicured bushland feel.