Paul Pritchard, Fairfield

2016:   111 Rathmines St. Fairfield


Note: This garden was opened in 2016

After completing a couple of projects in the same street, Simone and Marlon knew they loved our work and contacted us.  What they wanted was for us to create a garden to finish off the beautiful house renovation they had just concluded. The remaining area after the renovation was quite small however the ‘wish list’ was, as is often the case, quite comprehensive.

The family had recently grown, bringing it to 2 boys below 3 years or age, therefore much thought needed to go into requirements for the coming years. The client liked to think outside the square and many ‘quirky’ features and strong elements where required. This dictated a great deal of thought so that the garden wasn’t too busy and over designed. We created thoughtful and creative pockets that are not only functional but very interesting and pleasing to look at. Some of the functional areas can be adapted as the family grows and can be reused in different ways over the coming years.

Being very creative and artistic, the family were very excited about the prospect of incorporating artwork to the boundary fences that will look better and better as the boundary climbing plants grow over the years.

The front of the property has been created to showcase the personality of the clients whilst still complementing the age of the house and the surrounding properties. We have created a major talking point for the neighborhood and people passing by.

This is truly a garden we are very proud of and very excited to show off to the general public. It is a garden that displays that with a little thought and planning, great things can be achieved in a small suburban space.