Paul Pritchard – East Brighton

1 Milroy Street, East Brighton

Open Date
12 & 13 Nov 2022
Garden Entry

Open 10:00 to 5:00


An entrance to this beautifully renovated period classic was significant to create an incredibly peaceful and happy feel to both the owners and their visitors before they enter the equally calm household. This has been achieved with a meandering walkway through the colorful and texture filled garden areas. A lawn area gives a space for the ever-present dog (Rocky) to relax but keep a watchful eye over those who wish to enter. There are various zones to the front garden for the family to stretch out and isolate from one another or to quietly sit and converse whilst chasing the sun during the cooler months or hiding from the heat on the warmer days. The garden is full of beautiful and colorful perennials that flower throughout the year.
The rear garden offers a small pool to relax in which also allows for a huge visual impact from inside the premises. The larger trees create shade and privacy from the neighboring properties. Various pots are scattered around the garden to give interest to the space and add to the many level changes.
This garden gives the guest a feeling of serenity and tranquility. It makes you want to stay and observe the many birds and insects that frequent the space and to soak in the many colors of the beautiful flowering oasis.