Paul Bangay, Malvern

35 Finlayson St. Malvern (2016)

Open Date
12-13 Nov. 2016
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2016

Paul Bangay was commissioned to design a ‘classic’ style garden suitable to the renovated home in a heritage overlay area. A formal layout with soft greens and diversified foiliage with hedges ‘bay, buxus and murraya’. Anston pavers were used for their soft colours that provide character as they age. Herringbone terracotta paver inserts were installed to compliment terracotta pitched roof-lines. A strong focal point that is viewed via the central hallway to a wonderful pool with ‘Anduz’ urns and Graham Geddes Antique bronze spouts. Lush lawns in the front and rear gardens further soften the ample terrace paving.