Paddy Milne, Soldiers Hill

2022:  327 Ligar St. Soldiers Hill

Open Date
19-20 Nov. 2022
Garden Entry

This is a beautiful heritage home in the heart of Soldiers Hill.  The house dates from the early 1860s.  Soldiers Hill was the first suburb in Ballarat, and was marked out in 1859.

This is a large block that was subdivided, and further subdivided with adjacent properties.  Two of three portions have been repurchased by the current owners, leaving a square missing, where there is a large oak tree.

An extension was constructed on the western aspect, under strict heritage control in the 1990s.  The main house is constructed of double and triple brick on large bluestone foundations.  Original Oregon pine floorboards, Welsh slate roof. 12 and 14 foot ceilings.  Many of the windows have the original glass (imperfections).  Cellar has lathe and plaster ceiling, and meat hooks in situ.

At one time coaches were kept here, with the outbuildings being stables, etc.  Underneath the current vegetable garden was discovered exquisite blue stone paving

It was always intended that the garden be both functional and for show.  There was a desire for the garden to provide a large amount of produce for consumption, but also for three boys to grow up in.

Early in 2019 – large parts of the front, north side and rear courtyard were renovated.  A formal style was maintained for the most part, including layered hedges, open lawn area and stepping stone pathways to connect the spaces.