Paddy Milne, Ballarat North

2022:  127 Moola St. Ballarat North

Open Date
19-20 Nov. 2022
Garden Entry
$ 8

Open 10:00 to 5:00


The house is elevated superbly to gain wonderful views of Lake Wendouree and the city of Ballarat, so it was essential that we maintained these view points, while returning the rear of the block into a more useable, natural & relaxing space.

Taking into account the slope on the block, a three tier section of the garden was the most effective. From the house down the large steps onto the viewing platform, this provides the transition from the upper tier down the stone steps into the middle area, or around to the side of the house to the storage area. There is an emphasis on guiding you down through the garden to the lower area, while hinting at slowing down that split second to take in the gardens and views around you.

The heavily native themed planting will attracts incredible bird life that we have in North Ballarat. Encouraged by enclosed pockets of this garden for boundary privacy with various colours and textures in foliage and flower type.

Along with the plant life of this garden, three key materials have been combined to help create this Australian styled backyard, timber- in the viewing platform, steps and fence line, stone – to form the transition between levels and retain the garden by using large basalt boulders, Corten Steel – over retaining walls to hide inevitable movement in pine sleepers, and used again as the stringers in the large steps from the house. All of these give the garden structure, and when used in the right proportions, always provide a stunning, highly durable, result.