Melanie Husada, Kyneton

2022:  96A Wedge St., Kyneton

Open Date
19 & 20 Nov. 2022
Garden Entry

Open 10:00 to 5:00


Two designers contributed to this garden. Lisa Stafford (Lisa Stafford Garden Design) drew up a master plan for the garden, setting out the shape and location of the beds and recommending the two pergolas.  Melanie Husada (Poppy and the Bee) did the planting layout for the main garden bed, largely based on a plant list provided by the client.  The main body of planting took place in the Winter of 2016.

This plant list developed from the client’s experience of gardening in Kyneton from the early 1980s and is an attempt to create a rainfed planting.  That is, one that is not irrigated, and relies on rainfall only.  The plant palette is primarily based on species from a number of dry summer regions, including The Mediterranean, California, South Africa, and south-eastern Australia, and is continually under review.

Over the winter of 2020 a new garden area was planted to the east of the house.  This has a different environment from the main garden area, with substantial shade during part of the day and competition from two large trees.  The suite of species here is slightly different but the no irrigation approach still applies.