Mark Van den Boom, Mont Albert

8 Trafalgar St. Mont Albert (2016)

Open Date
12-13 Nov. 2016
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2016

As with any garden design, the main focus for this Mont Albert property was to utilise the space to suit the clients needs, whilst making it as visually appealing as possible.

My client has a young family and had stipulated the need for a trampoline and basketball/sports area. They also wanted an area for outdoor BBQ’s and entertaining, while still allowing to keep the backyard as open as possible.

When stripping out the congested and overgrown existing garden, there was one element that not only had to remain, but demanded to be highlighted. A mature Acer Palmatum that was somewhat hidden amongst the existing garden is now the focal point, with everything else being constructed and planted around it.

The crazy paved entertaining area sits in front and under the tree canopy, whilst the brick seat and garden edging frame its beauty. Any garden designer craves to have such an amazing tree to work with.

We placed the trampoline in ground to keep the backyard as open as possible, and the synthetic turfed sports area is tucked to the side, allowing for the back lawn to be also used for the kids sports.

The planting is mostly cottage in theme, and the countless perennials and bulbs that re appear each year remind us of what was there once before.  A cluster of Birches flank the back corner of the yard. The front garden wasn’t completely overhauled but updated with a front brick fence to match the clinker brick facade. The slate steppers and colac rocks still remain where they were placed years before, but the planting has been planned to enhance the existing trees that remain.