Kathleen Murphy, Gisborne

2022:  34 Fisher St. Gisborne

Open Date
19 & 20 Nov. 2022
Garden Entry

Open 10:00 to 5:00


Contemporary Town Garden

Designed specifically for ‘Ageing in Place,’ a concept which is becoming more popular. In essence, the garden is designed as much for now as into the future. Anticipating possible needs of the owners as they become older, their intention is to remain at home. Hence paths are wheel chair friendly, raised garden beds facilitate access, generous seating is placed strategically around the garden.

All plantings are frost and drought hardy, local materials are used throughout the garden in particular a local crushed slate has been used as mulch.   Plant selection is low maintenance with seasonal interest.  In the front garden you will see plants like Nandina ‘Moon Bay’, Asparagus fern, and mounds of Scleranthus configured in a unique and slightly Asian inspired way.  The back garden uses a mixture of native and exotic plants all intermingled.  Banksias have been used as an informal screening hedge, picking flowers like Sedumn Autumn Joy and Salvia nemorosa are planted amongst Lomandra ‘Tanika’.  The design of the garden was heavily influenced by the architecture of the home which was the work of local architect Rilla Healy. The garden softens the profile of the house without taking away from its clean lines and beautiful detail.