John Patrick, Hawthorn

2016:  2 Smart Street, Hawthorn


Note: This garden was opened in 2016

A simple garden designed in three parts, to the front a cottage style garden suiting a nineteenth century cottage with feature Chinese Fan Palms enclosed in Box hedges and surrounding massed perennials including Coronation Gold Yarrow, Santa Barbara Sage, Crocosmia Spitfire, Verbena bonariensis and Cotton Lavender.  Peter Pan Agapanthus and Sea Lavender line the brick path.

The west facing side garden includes raised vegetable gardens and a service area discretely isolated from the main rear garden

The rear garden is largely polished concrete designed to extend internal floor finishes outdoors to provide continuity between house and garden.  Two fastigiate Hornbeams define a small terrace to the west of the house while a larger terrace and barbecue extend to the south side of the house.  Native Quandongs with Chinese Star Jasmine provide evergreen enclosure to the site while a Mexican Strawberry Tree offers a focus to the east side where there is a second service area with compost, water storage and sheds.  Silver Vein Creeper climbs a wall to this boundary, Schizophragma hydrangeoides a wall to the west of the house where it combines with Wedding Lilly.

Other elements include three large planters as features when viewed from the house and planted with changing seasonal colours, Yucca recurvifolia, Agapanthus ‘Guilfoyle’, Jaburan and massed Turf Lily.