Janene Byrne, Ballarat Central

2022:  49 Ibis Gardens Ct, Ballarat Central

Open Date
19-20 Nov. 2022
Garden Entry

When I was first contacted by my clients back in 2016, they had just finished building their beautiful home on a one acre block at Ibis Gardens.  The brief was to keep the garden simple, modern and understated.  They wanted a palette of greens and mainly purples with minimum plant varieties, repeated throughout and there was also a strong emphasis on NO straight lines.  With all of this information in tow the design process started.  Considered were the environmental constraints, which included a reactive heavy clay, frosty conditions and poor drainage.

My clients wanted large lawn areas so they have been included into the plan and connect with blue stone paving that extends the alfresco area and blend into large garden beds that surround the home.    Now four years on, the garden that started out as a blank canvas is maturing beautifully with its sweeping curves that wrap around the property.  It turns out the constraints have been a bonus as the mounded garden beds have not only assisted with drainage but also have created an artistic element.  The mass plantings of Lomandra ‘Lime Tuff’ look amazing when swaying in wind and are off set with the purple leaves of the Malus ‘Royal Rain Drops‘, Leptospermum ‘Starry Night’ and Agonis ‘Burgundy’.

It is such a joy to see this garden evolving over the years and constantly changing with the passing of the seasons.  It has been and wonderful experience for everyone involved and the couple’s energy and generosity of spirit is what makes this garden a success.