Inge Jabara, Glen Iris

26 Malvern Ave. Glen Iris (2018)

Open Date
November 2018
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2018

The landscape was designed to make the owners feel they had a country farm in the middle of Melbourne. The owners wanted large planted zones, tree lines, framed views and a good use of the level changes in the garden.  Large trees remaining on site also had to be incorporated and were not allowed to overpower the gardens. The owners wanted a hand bath utilising a family heirloom (a water pump) so they could spend the day in the garden with the kids and then wash hands before coming inside. A veggie garden zone had to be located somewhere on the property. Finally, an A frame dwelling also had to be incorporated.

An entry gate for guests has been created with a blue stone pathway that takes visitors on a “turn about the garden” giving a sense of being on a bit of a walk to the house which is the feeling one gets on a country property. Lovely tall plantings have been used as the house is approached (i.e. Hydrangea) for fresh cut flowers in the summer.  Accent lighting on the pathway light the way at night.


A small entertaining area near the kitchen that would flow seamlessly with the interior the home. This space also needed to have a pergola over it and connect in with a large deck around the house.

Multi Zones: Needed to have multiple areas for the kids to play. The driveway is one, the lawn zone at the back is two and the front lawn is three.

Veggie garden: The mesh frames with timber uprights and capping was used to create the veggie garden zone.

The Pears: The pear tree lining the walkway is a visual from both the back of the house and from the veggie garden creating the much wanted views and vistas. It also gives a sense of a pear lined country walkway.

Hand Pump: Connected to a wine barrel and basin to give a rustic look.

Second Dwelling: Designed to match the weather board of the house – but specifically to look like a barn. The little black windows and warehouse lights give a real country feel.  The building incorporates a garage and a mezzanine level.

Planting: Had to be a box hedge, pears and hydrangea as a key theme to achieve the design intent required.  A few extra elements such as Dutch Iris and seaside daisy were also used to give some softer elements, colour, flowers and a bit of architectural foliage (Iris).