Don Thomson/Ralph Bristow, Deepdene

2022:  16 Crest Av. Deepdene

Open Date
12 - 13 Nov. 2022
Garden Entry

Open 10:00 to 5:00


The owners of this 1930’s home located within the much-coveted Reid Estate wanted a front garden that was sympathetic with the period architecture with plenty of color throughout the year. In addition, they wanted sufficient non-mains water to sustain the garden in times of drought.

The frontage to the property features curvilinear Kanmantoo stone walls that address the level changes and a dark Mintaro slate path that winds its way to the front door. The crafted hard landscape is framed by a cacophony of flowering perennials adding color and texture to the landscape. There is a multi-facet sculpture and a heavy stone seat hidden in the green life that add further visual interest.

To the south of the main front garden and hidden behind a wall of foliage is a paved courtyard that sits over a large 30,000 litre water tank. The tank was built much like a concrete swimming pool with a hydrostatic valve and a concrete lid. Decorative Anston pavers were laid over the concrete lid and large pots were strategically placed to allow kitchen planting with herbs and other produce. The large water tank beneath has been connected to the irrigation system allowing the wider garden to be watered independent of mains water.