David Musker, Jindivick

125 Palmer Road, Jindivick (2016)

Open Date
19-20 Nov. 2016
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2016

The garden at Broughton Hall sits out on a ridge overlooking farmland, forest and the Tarago reservoir. It started as a paddock some 20 years ago. Today mature formal hedges run around the ridge on various levels following the contour of the land, protecting the garden from the ever present winds and giving visual strength and stability to the garden.

Near the home the planting is low to preserve the view, further down into the garden banks of dramatic foliage tight clipped hedging, winding paths open to unexpected views and intimate spaces as well as large formal areas, a garden of contrasts in many ways but a garden to explore and absorb.

The planting varies in different areas but is always about foliage contrast and combinations of plantings that are visually pleasing. Many rare and unusual plants are used in this garden along side common species. It’s always about the planting effect.

Tightly clipped hedges, large areas of gravel used for pathways and seating areas, stone work and heavily planted garden beds along with carefully placed architectural features are all strong elements of this garden, and throughout the garden glimpses of the spectacular views are always present.