Clive Abben, Red Hill

2022:  65 William Rd. Red Hill

Open Date
12-13 Nov. 2022
Garden Entry

Open 10:00 to 5:00


Two years ago, the owners decided to install a swimming pool and needed help with integrating the pool and garden, so they called Clive in to help.

They had seen pictures of Abben Arts work and felt that that would suit their style.

Clive then designed the integration of the pool and house and made changes to the entrance stairs and gardens.  They pulled the old retaining walls out and replaced them with dry stone walls.  They also changed the layout of both sets of entrance stairs, creating a more generous feel to the main set of stairs and changing the layout of the side stairs.  Once the clients had seen the quality of work involved in the new walls, they decided to get a lot of the old walls re-built.

The clients have planted out a garden that nestles into its beautiful bush surrounding in Red Hill.  The planting around the boundaries is predominately native, blending in with the surrounding bush.  The veggie garden and kitchen area is a distinctly separate area and a large orchard area was planted with a wide variety of fruit trees in the area between the house and road.

The planting around the house incorporates ornamental trees, shrubs of various sizes and a generous helping of perennials, annuals, grasses and bulbs.

The house has a generous deck overlooking the creek and dam.  It has a pergola with ornamental vines giving shade in the summer.