Christian Jenkins, East Doncaster

29 Hampshire Rd. East Doncaster (2018)

Open Date
November 2018
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2018

The client brief was to create a Japanese inspired garden.
Working with a sloping rear garden and 20 year old Elm tree in the middle to the garden the transformation was underway.
Large granite boulders were placed into position combined with River sand mulch creating a light refreshing feel to the garden.
Framing this large internal space is recycled Iron Bark sleepers creating a post and beam fence running along the perimeter of the garden with cream colored shade cloth symbolizing rice paper walls combined with bamboo poles.
Floating decked landings connect the garden from the house down the slope through the garden.
Combination of Black bamboo, Zelkova’s, Maples and Nandina create the planting palette.