Carolyn Priest, Mentone

18 Kilara Rd. Mentone (2018)

Open Date
17-18 Nov. 2018
Garden Entry

Note: This garden was opened in 2018

The owners of this home had been residents of Mentone for many years when they decided to down size in early 2016. They settled on this property which involved a move of no more than 350 meters! Although they had admired the home on their evening walks, they knew that the garden had been in a state of decline for some time.

The brief to the designer was to create a space that felt ‘homely’ and in their case this translated into a garden of seasonal variation and planting to attract birds and insects. As each area is over looked by different rooms of the house thoughtful flow of the spaces was paramount. A stylish color palette of foliage and flowers echoes the owners taste in the decoration of the interior of the home.

Design & Style

This is an example of a garden where pulling everything out and starting again wasn’t necessary. Using a professional designer enabled the owners to have their ideas interpreted and the problems of the site resolved in a creative way. The garden is divided into three areas: the front garden, The Courtyard where the family gathers and The Terrace where larger groups are entertained.

The design ideas in these spaces incorporated a combination of plant and non-plant solutions. For example, the mirror behind the pond in The Courtyard and the custom steel trellis for the climbing plant in The Terrace were opportunities to create interesting features that complimented the planting display.

Plants that self-seed are included to increase plant numbers overtime and to allow for an ever-changing rhythm in the garden. The garden not only changes throughout the seasons but also over the passing years. Some plants may be allowed to proliferate for a time and then others may be given more space to self-seed and establish. The majority of the new planting was implemented by the end of 2016 but changes have been made or additional plants sourced after the clients have travelled abroad.

Garden care has been considered by choosing plants that thrive in the conditions. This site has typical bayside sandy soils and can be windy.