Tom Remfry

Tom Remfry

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Tom's Secret Garden Pty Ltd
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Tom Remfry is an award winning horticulturist, garden designer and Director of the company, Tom’s Secret Garden. Tom’s Secret Garden was established in 2010 and offers Garden Design, Organic Garden Care, Bespoke Garden Features and Landscape Construction with an emphasis on soft, sustainable landscapes.

Tom’s Secret Garden transforms gardens into places of beauty, charm and sophistication with a restrained elegance, lyricism, quality and attention to detail, that is unsurpassed. Tom Remfry, and his team, designs and produces timeless, original gardens, featuring a rich, varied plant palette perfectly designed for seasonal change.

Tom Remfry is a self-taught horticulturist with prolific plant knowledge and almost 20 years’ experience in organic gardening and landscape construction, holds a Diploma of Horticulture (RPL), and has previously completed studies in Applied Science, Fine Art, Ceramics and Sculpture. Tom is a registered building practitioner in three classes: structural landscaping, gates and fences, and sub-floor works.

His renowned commitment to ecological principles has resulted in the development of an innovative organic, sustainable management system, which was awarded in the Landscaping Victoria Awards in 2011, 2012, and recently commended in 2015.

Tom’s extensive knowledge of plant care and his understanding of a garden as a sustainable system, allow him to design gardens that have appropriate plant choice, preserve a garden’s natural environment with minimal intervention, and which will function as a carbon neutral space. Combined with his seamless design aesthetics, the result is a beautiful, nurtured garden masterpiece.

Tom Remfry has developed a quality portfolio of bespoke garden designs, which have been featured at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2010, The Horticultural and Gardening Festival 2015, in numerous magazines and on the Lifestyle program, Best Gardens Australia.