Mark Vanden Boom

Mark Vanden Boom

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The Landscape Department
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Mark Vanden Boom has been involved in the landscaping industry for the best part of 25 years.  As director of the Landscape Construction business, “The Landscape Department”, and previously VDB Gardens, Mark has created and built countless beautiful gardens throughout the inner east of Melbourne.

‘There is something special about creating in outdoor spaces.  To be out in the elements, to be part of creating something that changes with growth, the angle of light, the seasons, the perspective.  A garden can look drastically different within the second that the sun hides behind a cloud, or through a burst of rain.  There is nothing else like it.’

Mark enjoys the process of working with his clients during the design process, to maximise the use of the land and spaces at hand.  Juggling the needs and wants of functionality and aesthetics.  And then to be able to transfer the design from paper to reality.

Mark and his team construct both the hard and soft elements of their landscape designs.  As

registered builders in Landscape Construction, they are able to complete the hard landscaping structures and elements required.  However Marks main passion is in the plant design and layout of the softer elements of the garden.  ‘That is where a landscape comes to life.’

‘I feel as though my involvement in the Landscape Construction side of the business allows me to be fully in control of the design at hand. If I designed the garden, then the complexity of constructing it is much smoother in transition.’