Hamish Williamson

Hamish Williamson

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Creswell Design

Hamish Williamson is an award-winning landscape architect who over 20 years has built a reputation for designing highly considered gardens that balance form, function and beauty.

Through his practice Creswell Design, Hamish undertakes a range of projects from boutique residential to majestic properties of scale.

Each project is underpinned by the desire to harness the ultimate potential of every setting, through honed spatial arrangement, refined plant palettes and seamless transitions from boundary to threshold.

Hamish has always been drawn to the expansiveness of the Australian landscape and with a grounding in horticulture and landscape architecture, strives to create that expansive sense through generosity of form, continuity of line and repetition of theme.

With a love of drawing, Hamish finds joy in presenting hand drawn plans and trusts this process to reveal the site’s calling, while complementing the architecture and fulfilling client desires.

When Hamish isn’t designing, you’ll find him hiking, cycling, singing, in the garden or at the piano.

Hamish is a registered foster carer and loves bringing joy to children through engagement with plants and everything outdoors.