Betsy-Sue Clarke

Betsy-Sue Clarke

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Dirtscape Dreaming Pty Ltd
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Dirtscape Dreaming is a unique landscape design and consultancy practice creating personalised and meaningful connections between people and nature, through gardens.

With a passionate belief in the emotional healing possible through a close synergy with the right garden, Betsy-Sue Clarke approaches every client collaboratively towards the end goal: connection. While each garden will be a reflection of the client’s or their group’s needs and tastes, personalised opportunities to reflect and recharge amongst nature will be woven into the fabric of the design in ways those clients will find irresistible.

Dirtscape Dreaming has won multiple awards and accolades in Australian Landscape Design and International Flower and Garden shows, validating the world class calibre of design for which they are known. Betsy-Sue has been a contributor for the industry at policy and planning level for education and health institutions, guest speaker at conferences and seminars, writer for garden media and passionate advocate of gardens for healing and lectures in Landscape Design at Burnley College. Recent public projects – member of the design team for Global Gardens of Peace: Gaza Garden, representing the needs of women and children from a war ravaged area in designing a garden for healing; Healing Garden for St Patrick’s Cathedral in Ballarat, a project to recognise victims of sexual abuse by clergy.

Services offered: Residential, Commercial and Public spaces; Design Consultancy, Master planning, Detailed Documentation, Conceptual sketches, Community development initiatives & Community Consultation, Garden Coaching & workshops, Contract administration, Construction, Product Design & Development, Healing and health initiatives & Guest speaking.