Andrew Murray & Julie Daniell

Andrew Murray & Julie Daniell

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Verdigris Design
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We are a Melbourne landscape design partnership which was formalised in late 2006 after many years of collaborative work. Julie Daniell and Andrew Murray together bring thirty five years of landscape design, horticultural experience and training to Verdigris.

In our approach to landscape design we take into consideration the aesthetic impact of a new garden while still being mindful of how a garden will evolve over time. We believe in observation, and clear interaction with our clients to determine these choices for the present and future. We combine our knowledge with careful planning, good design, appropriate material selection and meticulous construction to attain this end. Over the years we have worked on a wide variety of garden design projects in and around Melbourne. From small inner city modern courtyards and rooftop garden design projects through to large scale country landscapes. We feel every landscape project requires a fresh approach.

We provide full landscape plans from consultation and preliminary plan to detailed construction and working drawings (see illustrated workflow on our contact page) We manage our projects from the initial garden design through to the fully completed garden. Coordinating our reliable team of stone masons, horticulturalists, carpenters, electricians and specialized landscape contractors will ensure the garden is constructed to the highest possible standards.

We see ongoing contact with you and your garden as an important aspect of our work. Monitoring a changing garden over time we can provide a direction which is true to our original landscape plan. With a sophisticated and truly individual style, we offer an aesthetic sensibility that will make the garden work for you.