As the proud organisers of this event the Rotary Clubs of Kew, Brighton North and Central Melbourne aim to firstly, raise much needed funds for selected Charities; and secondly, to encourage creative, bold, innovative, versatile, practical and responsible gardening in our Australian gardens.

The Patron of this festival is John Patrick, the well known media identity. Mr Patrick confirmed that 100% of the net proceeds go to the Charities selected by Rotary.

So far, Rotary has, through Garden DesignFest, raised more than $600,000 for Charity.


Youth Suicide Awareness

The Youth Suicide Awareness (YSA) will be a beneficiary of the 2020 Garden DesignFest.

The objective of the YSA is to provide scholarships to professionals to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing at the University of Melbourne.

Since the beginning of this project in 1996, 130 scholarships have been awarded to teachers, police officers, youth and social workers who work with at-risk young people.

Three students including two officers from Victoria Police and a secondary school teacher are currently completing the Graduate Diploma or Master of Adolescent Health and Wellbeing in 2019-2020.

Our focus in 2020-21 will be on granting scholarships to professionals working in indigenous communities in remote areas.

About Youth Suicide

Youth suicides (aged 15 – 24) are more common than deaths by road accident. In Australia, adolescents are the only group in the community whose health has not improved over the past 30 years.

Youth suicide rates are now higher than deaths from any other single cause.

Attempts at suicide are likely to be 20 times greater than completed deaths by suicide.

For both young men and young women, the rate of suicide is the highest in ten years.

7% of all male deaths aged 15-19 are suicides.

Suicides by young women aged 15-19 doubled between 2005 and 2015.

Mental ill-health is identified in about 90% of young suicides.

The suicide rate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth is 5 times greater than for other Australian youth.

Your support is very much appreciated.

For further information, please contact Phil Wheatley, Brighton North Rotary



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