Steve Taylor, Mornington

2022:  7 Herbert St, Mornington

Open Date
12 & 13 Nov 2022
Garden Entry

Open 10:00 to 5:00


Our Herbert St garden is an eclectic, coastal tapestry of plant foliage, colour, texture, shape and form that all work together to create a unique blend of well considered, ordered, disorder.  Planting highlights of silver and blue foliage and contrasting textures are blended with dark and lime green highlights.  Clipped spheres and domes of Buxus, Teucrium, Westringia, raphiolepsis and selected Crassulas all work to create the order while the selection of Carex and Lomandra grass species and ground covers of Casuarina glauca, Euphorbia myrsinites, prostrate Correa and dichondras all form the disorder.

The physical architecture of the home is unique in it’s form with a large recycled brick silo/tower owning the corner site aspect with concrete, timber and black steel finalising the material palette and was also designed by Steve Taylor.  The front and rear garden, although small in size packs a real visual punch.  All structural garden elements follow the modern form and material palette of the home.  While the front garden is all about softening the strong, bold architecture, the rear garden is all about fun and entertaining with a stunning circular above ground pool and spa that replicates the front red brick tower as well as a large covered alfresco area, bespoke poolside daybed, fire pit and pizza oven zone along with terraced lawn areas to soften the mass of hard elements.  Unique 180mm thick round steps manage the rear level changes ad further add to the artistic, bespoke design response.

The garden experience also extends internally, with a 7.5m high entry void boasting a ground level tear drop planter box around Steve’s design studio.  Towering 6.0m above this planter is a one of a kind vertical garden all hung from a circa 1890 recycled Darling Harbour wharf beam that has become the heart and soul of the home and is a must see.