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Roy Roberts

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Roy Roberts Landscapes
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Roy Roberts Landscapes (RRL) specialises in designing private gardens and larger landscapes within regional and rural Victoria.

Roy Roberts has been an Australian Landscape designer and horticulturalist since 1990. Roy grew up surrounded by ‘the wonderful world of living things’ as one of two sons of the head gardener at one of the last large private historic stately homes in Hertfordshire in England. Roy’s garden journey has fast forwarded him from living as a child surrounded by an historic private garden and 300 acre country estate to working in 2016 as a regional Australian designer in the state of Victoria.

Roy’s design passion sees a return of people as part of the landscape; where practicality and functionality bring people together with landform, shape, texture, colour, perfume and natural elements to create some of the most engaging and beautiful unique places.

Roy writes a blog on his website where he shares his knowledge and experience in creating and maintaining regional Victorian landscapes.