Kate & Kendall Monk

Kate & Kendall Monk

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Kimira Studio
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Kimira is residential landscape architecture studio based in Melbourne.  Founded in 2009 by Landscape Architects Kate and Kendall Monk, Kimira creates artful gardens and landscape interventions for their clients.

Our design method is the foundation of our practice. Approaching each project as a process of discovery rather than imposition, we start with an exploration of our client’s passions, personalities, cultural preferences and lifestyle. We then initiate a detailed and critical investigation into the brief, the site, it’s context and the local environment.

This generative process allows us to create a conceptual framework that ensures each design responds to the brief and site in unique, unexpected ways and is layered with meaning – allowing our clients to experience a strong emotional connection to their completed project.

The powerful combination of generative exploration, a conceptual framework and our innovative design responses result in the creation of beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that transcend style and embody the architectural principles of structure, ergonomics, the natural environment, our human experience and connection.

We understand that our physical environment is critical to our quality of life, and it is our mission to help our clients connect to their gardens and create outdoor spaces that fill them with a sense of peace, positivity and belonging.