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From little things, big things grow…

What started with Cameron Swell’s one-man operation in 1990, has grown to a team of multi-disciplinary specialists providing horticultural solutions spanning garden design, maintenance and construction.

With over 30 years experience designing and maintaining gardens across Melbourne, the Groundswell team can help bring out the best in any garden. Working closely with our clients, Groundswell can design and oversee any garden construction project from start to finish. We can construct a completely new garden or reconstruct your existing one.

We specialise in medium sized garden designs and constructions that are a little on the wild and exotic side. Our approach favours working with the landscape and not against it, and where possible we prefer to retain existing features, trees and plants.

Groundswell Gardens has access to a group of highly skilled and specialist subcontractors ensuring that every element of your garden reflects the highest quality of workmanship.

Our construction services include:
• Paving and stonework
• Rock and water features
• Decking, fencing and lighting
• Garden bed preparation and planting
• Sculpture and murals
• Asian, exotic and tropical themes
• Emphasis on ecology and sustainability
• Exterior and interior design features and ornament sourcing

Groundswell gardens are eco-savvy and use sustainable products wherever possible. We use (and encourage the use of) Australian-made and sourced products.